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I just have a small business in the road construction material industry. Is ORIS still a good fit ?

ORIS is useful for any size and shape of business. Get in touch and we're happy to discuss the best package for you !

How many companies are currently already in ORIS? Is it worthwhile at all to join ORIS right now ?

ORIS already has many functionalities that make your daily work easier - the network effect is the cherry on the sundae, so to speak. It is worth using ORIS to save time with the existing functionalities and to get support in decision making with intelligent analyses. Maintaining your own plant and product data is also worthwhile in order to be found by existing users and to secure a competitive advantage here, especially because the number of users is increasing every week.

Is ORIS already a finished product or a beta version ?

ORIS is already a finished product and not a beta version. Unlike beta versions, there is no extended downtime, no major bugs in the application, and the product will continue to exist for the long term. Nevertheless, we have a large development team that is continuously improving existing features and adding new ones.

I am currently missing a certain functionality in ORIS. Is ORIS still being developed further ?

Although ORIS is a finished product, it is under continuous development. We can connect Oris to the applications you currently use. Please let us know your wishes. You can also tell us your wishes and ideas for further functionalities in ORIS. We have a large development team that is continuously improving existing functions and adding new ones. We welcome your ideas and invite you to actively influence the further development of ORIS. So that ORIS fits your requirements even better in the future.


How can I collaborate with you or join ORIS ?

Please click on the 'contact us' button on the top of the page and send us your request !

Data Management & Security

How is ORIS related to Holcim ?

ORIS was incubated in the Holcim Innovation Center between 2015 and 2021. The company was created as a neutral and independent commercial entity in 2021. ORIS has a dedicated team and its activities are ring-fenced from the rest of Holcim Group, ensuring the neutrality of its services.

Does the competition see my prices ?

No. ORIS is only the intermediary between material suppliers and construction companies. The sovereignty for offer processing and prices lies completely with our users, and we will deliberately stay out of this relationship in the future. In ORIS itself you will not find any prices for the individual products. Also, the transport costs displayed for competing companies are not actual prices of the competition but are comparative values calculated by ORIS based on the parameters entered and the distance to the project site. The prices you will find in the transport analysis section and in the budget calculation section for road projects are industry standard prices, with each plant having the same prices for better comparability.

Production sites & Materials

Why is it worthwhile to enter the information about the sites and products ?

ORIS is an intermediary between material suppliers and construction companies. To increase the visibility and trust of other users in the accuracy of the data, it is worthwhile to store and maintain the information. The more accurate the data, the more targeted potential customers can search for and contact information. For example, some users filter plants by specific materials - so it pays to have the products offered stored.

What do the blue, bronze, silver or gold circles next to the production sites mean ?

The Bronze, Silver or Gold awards are an easy way to show users which works have well maintained information. A site receives bronze if it has been ensured that the information about the plant, such as name or location, is correct. Silver is awarded to a production site if the products and materials have been maintained and information about the products has been stored. Gold is awarded to a site if the product information has been updated repeatedly, for example if the information on the test certificates is renewed after 6 months.

Do I have to enter the information about the sites and products myself ?

No. Feel free to send us the information about your plants and products, and the ORIS team will enter all the data for you. For this we need the following data: An assignment of the products to the respective plants The initial test certificates of the products (if available) The declaration of performance (DOP) of the products (for products with CE marking) The test certificates of the products Please note that the test certificates of the products are renewed every 6 months and must therefore also be regularly updated in ORIS.

What data should I store for my products ?

On July 1, 2013, the new Construction Products Regulation (CPD) came into force. For CE marked building materials, the manufacturer must provide a so-called "declaration of performance" from this date when placing a construction product on the market. In order to make this information directly visible to interested construction companies in ORIS, you can store the data from the declaration of performance and the test certificates for the individual products - or send us your files, and we will be happy to enter the information for you (you can find out exactly how in the point about this - "Do I have to enter the information about the works and products myself?").

There are already products listed for my sites. However, the data for them is not correct. Can I change them, for example, remove the certification for a product ?

Yes - feel free to send us a quick email and we will be happy to make the changes for you.

How can I change my CO2 information for the products ?

Please send us an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration/ CO2 certification) or comparable certification, we will then change the data in the system. Since a correct data basis is important, you yourself as a user are not able to change the data. If you do not yet have an EPD or similar, you will receive the industry average value for your products.

Public Tenders

What types of tenders are displayed for me in "Public tenders" ?

Currently, "public tenders" only include tenders in the area of road construction. Additional tenders are currently not yet available, but are currently being connected and should soon be visible on the map.

In ORIS, the map with public tenders is not displayed

You can find the functionality by entering "Transportation Analysis" in the navigation bar at the top of ORIS and then selecting "Public Tenders" from the menu on the left, the second screen from the top. If neither of these work, feel free to contact our ORIS team, we may need to enable the feature for you first.

What is Greenprofi ?

Greenprofi is Germany's construction information service for public tenders, participation competitions, private/commercial construction projects, contract awards and submission results for all market participants in road construction, civil engineering, building construction, landscaping and sports facility construction, civil engineering and track construction. In doing so, Greenprofi updates the data on a daily basis and ensures that our customers receive all desired construction information and contact details bundled, up-to-date and complete for their market overview and for their order acquisition. More information can be found on the Greenprofi website.

Do I need a user profile at Greenprofi to see public tenders on the map ?

Yes. (see "I do not have a Greenprofi user profile. Can I still see the map with public tenders?").

I do not have a user profile on Greenprofi. Can I still see the map with the public tenders ?

Yes, we can create a no-obligation, 2-week test profile for you at Greenprofi. Then you can test the functionality in ORIS. Greenprofi will make you a non-binding offer after the 2 test weeks.

How much does a Greenprofi profile cost ?

Greenprofi creates offers individually for each user or company, based on the amount of information they want to be provided (public tenders, preliminary information, bidding competitions, submission results, award notices and more) The number of zip code areas they want to see RFPs for. Feel free to contact our ORIS team to receive a no-obligation quote from Greenprofi.

Transport Analysis

Where does the map data come from ?

For maps and traffic data, ORIS uses data from Here-Maps. The special thing about the data we obtain via Here is that it is specifically designed for trucks. For example, height or weight restrictions, road rules for commercial freight, or passability for certain types of trucks are taken into account when choosing a route. You can find more information on Here website.

How do the results of the transport analysis come about ?

For each company within your specified range, you will see the following data (from top to bottom, left to right): - Distance (km): distance to your selected project location (one way, no round trip). - Total Transportation Cost (EUR): Total cost for the amount of material you specify is required - Transport CO2 (kg CO2eq): Cost equivalent of calculated CO2 consumption based on CO2 per ton kilometer data from the German Federal Ministry of - Environment. They are calculated based on full and empty trips (full on the outward trip, empty on the return trip) - Round trip: number of possible round trips per day with the specified travel time as well as the time for loading and unloading - Transport time (h:mm): One-way travel time from the plant to the project location you specify. - Cost/ M^3 (EUR): Transportation cost per ton, based on the parameters - inclusion of travel time, daily rates for the truck and (if specified) other costs.

How are the competitors' transport costs calculated ? Does ORIS have the competitors' prices on file ?

ORIS does not know the prices of the competition, as ORIS has nothing to do with pricing. The transport costs per ton are calculated based on the indicated daily rates for trucks in the respective market area.

Are current traffic data used for routes and travel times ?

Yes. In ORIS, you can choose between the average duration and the duration at a specific time. The specific time takes into account the traffic situation and average travel time on that weekday and time.

GAEB Analysis

Which file formats do I need to start a GAEB file analysis ?

All DX files, i.e. files ending in .dx can be used for the GAEB analysis.

Can I start a transport analysis and find matching sites for the results of the GAEB analysis ?

Yes, just select a material in the GAEB analysis results for which you want to search for suitable plants. Then select in the line to create a new souring project.

Prices, Subscription & Payment

How much will ORIS cost me ?

ORIS is offered as a software-as-a-service on a subscription basis. There is a monthly fee of 99€ per user for the use of ORIS.

Can I use ORIS free of charge ?

Yes, you can try ORIS with the full set of functionalities for one month free of charge. If you then decide not to pay for ORIS, your access to ORIS will remain unchanged and you can continue to use ORIS with a limited amount of functionality. You can decide to pay for ORIS at any time.

What is the difference between the free and paid version ?

In the free version, only the digital product management and the map of production sites are available.

How binding is ORIS ?

ORIS can be canceled at any time at the end of the month. You retain your free access to ORIS even after cancellation.

I am currently using ORIS free of charge. Can I use ORIS fully again ?

Of course. Just write us a short mail or give us a call and we will unlock you again for the full range of functionalities.

How is the billing done ?

Per company, ORIS sends you a statement annually instead of every month. The costs per user per month are added up over the year. If you have not used ORIS for the entire year, you will of course only be billed for the months in which you had a paid ORIS user profile.

How can I cancel ORIS ?

Just write us a short, informal e-mail.

If you have any other questions or you want more precision you can contact :

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