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Step 2: Calculate Carbon Footprint 

It is a global approach that takes into account all phases in the life cycle of a product. The CO2 footprint of your product is now calculated with a global approach that takes into account all phases in the life cycle of a product.

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Why should you calculate the carbon footprint of your aggregates?

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The need for information on building materials is growing rapidly. More and more regulations include the environmental impact of products.

Public building owners are striving to take the climate resilience of infrastructure into account in the planning process and to limit emissions over the entire life cycle.

In building construction, too, investors are increasingly demanding information on sustainability parameters due to the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

In the future, tenders could take into account a "shadow price" for CO2 emissions and, from 2027, manufacturers of construction products will be obliged to disclose the global warming potential of their products.

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85% of the CO₂ emissions of an infrastructure project are attributable to the use of materials

Greenhouse gas emissions are caused by, for example by:

  • the extraction of the material,
  • the processing of the material,
  • transportation of the material. 

Knowing exactly where which emissions are emitted and to what extent is so crucial for reducing carbon footprint.

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