Increase efficiency in supplying construction materials to infrastructure projects

Regulation and requirements for construction material suppliers have been made more complex due to the increasing need to build more sustainability, while pressure on costs continues. 

ORIS offers a comprehensive set of services dedicated to construction materials - with the aim of smartly using natural resources and designing low impact infrastructure. 

Our platform maps construction materials, aggregates data on their properties, and delivers associated services for efficient and sustainable project delivery. For material suppliers, our solution allows to:

  • Be more visible and participate in large projects
  • Calculate the carbon footprint of your construction materials in a simple way, using international recognized norms 
  • Manage your sites
  • Trace waste (according to French regulation)
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Our Features for Material Suppliers

Site Visibility

Geolocate construction materials production sites in our core markets. See contact details and materials available.

As a material suppliers, you benefit from more visibility to participate in projects in your area.

Transportation analysis

Calculate freight costs and CO₂ consumption for a specific construction project. Compare them with the potential freight costs of your competitors.

Save time in the preparing of your material offers and gain a competitive advantage.

Waste Disposal (DAP)

Pin the map to indicate where your waste material is located. Visualize all BASOL/BASIAS/SIS info around that pin to identify if there is any potential pollution around. Accurately decide whether or not the waste materials are polluted.

Save time by filling out DAP file efficiently and with accurate data. 


Define a point on the map select truck type and travel time and compare different ranges with each other. Get an overview of possible delivery times and costs with just a few clicks.

Save time in your logistics planning and organisation.

Product Management

Upload your production sites and your product catalogue easily and quickly in ORIS.  

Increase your visibility on the market. Save time answering queries about product information.

Carbon calculator

Calculate CO₂ footprint of your materials in just a few clicks. Use the whole lifecycle analysis methodology.

Save time in preparing your offers and gain a competitive advantage.

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