Monitor your infrastructure assets to deliver on your sustainability ambitions

While they are committed to delivering sustainable infrastructure, public authorities and infrastructure asset owners lack tools to monitor and drive the value chain towards making the right decisions in terms of construction materials used in infrastructure.


Indeed, construction materials play a key role in designing responsible infrastructure. Linear transportation infrastructure, such as roads, railways, waterways and airport runways, are mainly made of materials. The choice of those materials has an impact on 60% of the infrastructure costs and 85% of its carbon footprint. Overall, 30% to 40% of materials are used to build linear infrastructure. 


ORIS offers a comprehensive set of services dedicated to construction materials - with the aim of smartly using natural resources and designing low impact infrastructure. For public authorities and asset owners, our solution allows to:

  • Take control of infrastructure investments and drive the value chain towards choosing the right construction materials to deliver low impact infrastructure
  • Benefit from dashboards to make data-driven decisions based on multi-criteria (carbon footprint, natural resources, water, budget, road safety, resilience, etc.)
  • Ensure delivery of high quality infrastructure assets, long-lasting and resilient - for the benefit of all communities.
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Our Features for Public Authorities and Asset Owners

Project Set Up

Our advisory team supports you in preparing your infrastructure project in its real environment, by setting up you project data and sourcing.

Save time for your complex projects and make the most out of the platform.

Multi-criteria simulation

Our advisory team supports you in running multi-criteria simulations in their real sourcing environment. 

Benefit from an advanced digital twins approach. Make the best decision depending on your KPIs.

Full impact assessment

Our advisory team helps you in assessing the most complex project, through multi-criteria. Benefit from cross analysis on the impact on carbon, budget, natural resources, resilience, road safety, etc.

Benefit from advanced analysis on the role of materials in your projet and make the most informed decisions.


Our advisory team supports you by running for you multi-criteria simulations on your project. The team delivers you a thorough report with the results of the impact assessment.

Save time in your impact assessment. Benefit from advanced knowledge to make the most informed decision.

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