What is ORIS ?

ORIS is the first construction materials platform for a smart use of construction resources and low impact infrastructure.

Supported by Artificial Intelligence and its unique algorithms, ORIS aggregates and maps advanced data on construction materials (geolocation, properties). Based on this data, users benefit from digital engineering services for a smarter use of materials (optimization of costs, carbon impact, natural resources consumption, etc.).

Through its platform, ORIS is committed to enable all players within the ecosystem to make informed decisions for more sustainable, resilient, and safe linear infrastructure.

Climate resilient roads

Mastering the Use of Construction Materials


Construction materials play a key role in designing responsible infrastructure. Linear transportation infrastructure, such as roads, railways, waterways and airport runways, are mainly made of materials. The choice of those materials has an impact on:

  • 60% of the infrastructure costs
  • 85% of its carbon footprint.

Overall, 30% to 40% of materials are used to build linear infrastructure. Given the current challenges we are facing (climate impact, social inequality, biodiversity crisis), the infrastructure sector must integrate multi-criteria impact analysis of its project to build responsibly ie. consider the environmental impact, the long term climate risks, the social implications, increased cost-efficiency, etc.

green road

Connecting Infrastructure Construction with Materials Knowledge


Using advanced digital solutions, the linear transportation infrastructure construction ecosystem can benefit from a new perspective on the role of construction materials. Every player in the infrastructure construction value chain has a role to play to deliver more sustainable and responsible infrastructure. We empower the sector to act by connecting them to advanced construction materials data knowledge.

ORIS is at the crossroads of three expertises: construction materials, environmental engineering and advanced digital solutions (AI/ML, data science). Using digital twins and unique algorithms, we offer a comprehensive set of services to enable all players in our sector to participate in the transformation of the construction industry - for a better future for all. 

Material Suppliers

A Mission-Driven Company

ORIS is leading the way in designing inclusive, efficient, resilient, and sustainable linear transportation infrastructure. 

Early 2024, ORIS Materials Intelligence has embraced this vision by becoming a mission- driven company, aligning with the  French legal status of “société à mission”. The company has defined its mission and four objectives to support it.


Awards, Labels, Certification

ORIS has been recognized by various prestigious awards and labels over the last months: