Design low impact infrastructure using digital twins

Our world has changed. Infrastructure design has become more complex as it needs to consider multiple criteria (carbon footprint, natural resources, resilience to climate change) while controlling budgets. 

The use of digital twins and powerful digital solutions - incl. AI/ML and data science - offers a new approach to infrastructure designs. It allows you to consider multiple simulation and  design options in a few days vs. one or two designs in a few months using a manual approach. 

ORIS offers a comprehensive set of services dedicated to construction materials - with the aim of smartly using natural resources and designing low impact infrastructure. For designers and engineers, our solution allows to:

  • Take control of infrastructure investments and drive the value chain towards choosing the right construction materials to deliver low impact infrastructure
  • Benefit from dashboards to make data-driven decisions based on multi-criteria (carbon footprint, natural resources, water, budget, road safety, resilience, etc.)
  • Ensure delivery of high quality infrastructure assets, long-lasting and resilient - for the benefit of all communities.
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Our Features for Infrastructure Engineers and Designers

Whole lifecycle calculation of the carbon footprint of projects

Benefit from a whole lifecycle analysis of your infrastructure project. Compare the impact of different design options.

Find the most-carbon efficient solution. Gain a competitive advantage in public tenders - and have a positive impact for the planet.

Pavement design optimization

ORIS can compare carbon footprint, cost and material consumption for the various selected designs taking into consideration the local sourcing environment and other connected dimensions in the project.

Find the most suitable design option depending on your KPIs.

Climate resilience assessment 

ORIS helps you identify and analyse possible climate risks, and anticipate risks over 40 years in advance.

You can plan and construct for the long term, knowing that the climate risks have been anticipated and mitigated.

Natural resources consumption

ORIS can be used as a planification tool, to find circular solutions by re-using materials (recycled materials), and source materials efficiently by sourcing the local resources available and comparing material consumption based on the pavement design type.

Save time and use available resources efficiently.


Use ORIS to quickly analyse multiple different options (including innovative designs and materials) and compare the  bill of materials (type and quantity) for the design of bridges and tunnels. With ORIS you can also evaluate whole life costs including maintenance.

You are able take control of your investment by predicting and planning at each stage.

Road safety due diligence

ORIS can help you do a safety assessment through iRAP. These results are then connected to the ORIS platform, where you can visualize and rate the risks and identify countermeasures. 

Predict and prevent accidents, even before the construction of your road.

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