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Decision support for the opportunity study conducted by Egis on the Fos sur mer - Salon de Provence link


In the heart of a dynamic economic and demographic area, the DREAL has entrusted Egis with the project to develop a road infrastructure of approximately 25km, to improve the existing Fos-sur-Mer bypass.

This project aims to:

  • Improve the link between the various urban centres
  • Develop intermodality
  • Contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM) and support the development of the Industrial Port Area (ZIP)
  • Improve traffic flow and safety
  • Reduce nuisance to the population and the impact on the living environment


ORIS has been selected by Egis to assist in the decision making process around the DREAL objectives related to the design and reconstruction of this Fos-Salon axis. Thanks to the integrated algorithms and calculation engines, the use of the ORIS "intelligent" platform enables a more detailed assessment of the project's material impacts from the upstream phase, and of the road designs and projections based on considerations of sustainability, carbon emissions or the circular economy. A study of the initial state integrating resources, materials and needs will be carried out in a first phase. In a second phase, a study of the variants will be carried out by integrating the territorial stakes.

The Egis team's support for the study will take place over a period of 26 weeks to develop the analysis of the initial state (location of material production sites and their characteristics), the establishment of material requirements, the life cycle analysis and the carbon footprint of the different bars and variants.  

This programme is part of a discovery of the capabilities of the ORIS platform. Additional services are possible on the basis of the ORIS maps and algorithms and can be carried out on request, depending on the direction of the project. Some examples: analysis of climate risks for infrastructure, study of adaptation and mitigation solutions to climate change, analysis of road safety, comparison of different road structures, research and proposal of low-carbon solutions, etc.

The ORIS team is very happy to participate in this eco-design approach, which is central to meeting the current challenges in the infrastructure sector.