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TTJ Helsinki Turku : a high speed journey towards lower construction impact


This is an outstanding project that has been opened right at the beginning of June 2022 for ORIS, combining  development as well as research in the field of railway, materials data, innovative designs, CO2 footprint, and resilience to climate change.

The One-hour Turku Rail Link is a new high-speed, double-track rail link between Helsinki and Turku, of 150km, that will significantly reduce the travel time between the cities and create opportunities for growth and development. In addition to faster journey times, the new line will link all the localities along the route to the Helsinki metropolitan area, creating a common commuting area for 1.5 million Finns in the western part of South Finland. The railway line will also be available to freight trains.

The objective of the project team is to perform comparative analysis on multiple  scenarios, to meet the desired KPIs of minimum environmental impact, while complying with local standards with railroad pavement designs. ORIS will help to perform due diligence and pre-assessment on the 100km rail network, to seamlessly understand the best scenarios, thus supporting the project team from TTJ (Turun Tunnin Juna)  for solid decisions making, and data driven in a transparent way. There is a specific focus for CO2 and environmental impact optimization considering local environment and geo located materials, with multiple scenario testing along the entire lifecycle. 

ORIS employs a unique material sourcing database, algorithms and artificial intelligence which helps to link the project to locally available materials.

The main project results are covering the following topics:

  • Study the rail network to be built, starting from the base case (local sourcing environment in Finland) in terms of CO2, material consumption and cost (Life cycle cost analysis including maintenance scenario). 
  • Generate and test various design structures, with innovative solutions and compare to the base case, using external sourcing.
  • Circular economy & Material management: analyze how the reuse of materials will affect the design, benefits for the design. Benefits of reusing internal materials from projects for CO2, costs and natural resources consumption, for a complete material autonomy of the project.
  • Resilience to climate change: climate and weather conditions modelization over 40 years, and design early adaptation to predicted changes in climate.


As interesting as it is challenging, this 150km strategic project for Finland transportation is a great project to put ORIS "on rail" in Finland, and confirm its expertise in infrastructure optimization! 

This high speed rail project is a straight line to consolidate ORIS expertise in railway and material management in Finland, discovering and integrating new building engineering standards  and conditions. 


Let’s rail with ORIS & TTJ!