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ORIS Becomes a Mission-Driven Company: Pioneering Inclusive, Efficient, Resilient, and Low-Carbon Infrastructure

In a significant strategic decision, ORIS Materials Intelligence has become a mission-driven company in its official status, in line with the French legal status of “société à mission”. 

ORIS Materials Intelligence's adopted mission is to "Enable the construction sector to design inclusive, efficient, resilient, and low-carbon infrastructure projects by making the most of local resources and social & environmental data, connecting them through digital solutions (AI, data science, and engineering)."


 This mission underscores the company’s ambition to revolutionize the infrastructure construction sector. The commitment to design inclusive, efficient, resilient, and low-carbon infrastructure requires a forward-looking approach that goes beyond conventional business practices, that ORIS Materials Intelligence is supporting through advanced digital solutions.

Specific objectives have been defined to align with this mission, signifying a comprehensive approach to address critical challenges in the construction sector:

  • Providing Digitized Knowledge on Construction Materials: ORIS aims to provide the construction industry with digitized knowledge concerning the impact of the choice of construction materials on linear transportation infrastructure. This initiative reflects the company's dedication to informed decision-making, ensuring that materials selected align with environmental and social considerations.
  • Measuring and Optimizing Environmental Impact: Another key objective is to empower the infrastructure construction sector to measure and optimize the environmental impact of materials used in their projects. ORIS recognizes the pivotal role this plays in fostering sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint associated with construction activities.
  • Contributing to Inclusive Transport Networks: ORIS seeks to contribute to the development of inclusive transport networks, aligning its efforts with global development objectives. By integrating inclusivity into infrastructure design, the company aims to enhance accessibility and connectivity for diverse communities.
  • Building Equitable and Balanced Growth: ORIS is committed to building equitable and balanced growth not only in its projects but also within the organization. This involves adopting a human resources approach that prioritizes the well-being of its employees and fosters healthy relationships in the workplace.

ORIS Materials Intelligence’s CEO, Nicolas Miravalls, emphasizes the significance of this strategic move, stating, "This transformation is a key ambition for the company as we embark on a journey to transform and revolutionize the infrastructure world. We believe that aligning our mission with the values of inclusivity, efficiency, resilience, and sustainability, is key to lead positive changes for the construction sector."