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ORIS launches carbon calculator for aggregates, developed with CIRAIG and MIRO

To calculate the carbon footprint of aggregates, ORIS launches its CO2-calculator, enabling to perform a complex flow with an easy, accessible and scientifically robust tool. It will enable to calculate the Global Warming Potential impact - most commonly known as carbon footprint - of all aggregate products (sand, gravel, rocks, etc.). This product has been developed in collaboration and following the recommendations of CIRAIG, a world leading LCA research center, and MIRO, the German aggregates association.

The CO2-calculator has been developed in the context of the upcoming changes in EU regulations which should make the disclosure of the CO2 impact mandatory to the declaration of performance from 2027. Measuring the carbon footprint is also the first crucial step towards implementing strategies to minimize it. 

The calculator follows a sequence of several sections to complete. The first section relates to the general information and the scope of your study. The 3 next sections refer to data collection. The data collected will include the energy consumptions, the quantity of materials extracted, the explosives used, the transportation phases, etc.

Within 3 days, depending on specific contact and data verification, users will receive a certificate with the CO2-footprint of their products, valid for 1 year. Users will also receive a background calculation report, detailing the methodology and values used to perform the calculations. 

The ORIS CO2-calculator follows the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, which evaluates the environmental footprint of a product or service. It is a comprehensive approach that takes into account all the stages in the product's life cycle, such as the extraction of raw materials, the manufacture of the product, the transportation to the construction site, the use phase and end of life. ORIS offers an extended capacity for aggregate producers. It allows them to connect their precise product emissions into ORIS LCA methodology for infrastructure construction, which is verified by Intertek and follows ISO 14067, EN 15804 and ISO 21930. The CO2-calculator is able for now on the German market.

Nicolas Miravalls, CEO of ORIS, explained: " We are excited to participate actively in the construction industry's digital and sustainability transformation by providing a cutting-edge digital tool that grants an easy access to calculating the complex assessment of aggregates' carbon footprint. This innovative feature participates in our ultimate aim to empower all industry players to contribute to deliver low impact infrastructure."