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ORIS publishes its first ESG report

ORIS is thrilled to publish its first ESG report! As a responsible company, we aim to operate ethically and sustainably. This report outlines our material issues, our sustainability approach, and the environmental/social impact we have had over 2022 - which marks our first full year of operations.

Our report highlights the positive impact of using our platform on infrastructure projects, enabling our clients to:

- reduce carbon footprint, natural resources and water usage;

- limit costs;

- improve road safety and climate resilience.


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Source: ORIS 2022 sustainability report

After carefully measuring our carbon footprint, we found that it amounted to 129 tons of CO2 eq - a small share of the potential emissions we were able to save through our projects, with a ratio of 1 to 124. 


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Source: ORIS 2022 sustainability report

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are integral to our values at ORIS. We are committed to continuously monitoring and reporting on our impact as we strive towards a systemic shift in the linear transportation infrastructure market - paving the way for a sustainable future.


"We aim at reconciling technology, business purpose and work atmosphere into a dynamic and meaningful initiative for our sector. With this first ESG report, we imprint our strong willingness for progress and a more balanced approach to business", declared our co-founders Nicolas MIRAVALLS, CEO, and Renaud DE MONTAIGNAC, COO.