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ORIS Empowers Holcim Germany to Measure its Aggregates CO2 Footprint

How? With our brand new and innovative tool, the CO2 calculator for aggregates, which simplifies and democratizes Life Cycle Assessments!


ORIS Materials Intelligence is proud to work with Holcim Germany, a leading player in the construction materials industry, in using a scientific approach to measure the CO2 footprint of its aggregate products. Holcim Germany used the ORIS CO2 calculator, developed following the recommendations of CIRAIG, a world leading research center in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and in partnership with MIRO, the German Federal Association for Mineral Raw Materials.


Holcim used ORIS carbon calculator (1250 x 550 px)


Taking the initiative to measure the precise carbon footprint of products is the first step in identifying effective levers for reducing this footprint, contributing significantly to global efforts in addressing the climate crisis. In response to the rising demand for transparent and accurate information on the environmental impact of materials in the construction sector, the EU regulation is expected to make it mandatory to report on the global warming potential of construction products. Furthermore, certain industry players are introducing a "shadow price" for CO2 emissions in tenders to incentivize low-carbon products.

"We are grateful that Holcim Germany chose the ORIS CO2 calculator for aggregates to calculate the carbon footprint of their products portfolio on a systematic basis. With this innovative solution, the construction industry is accelerating its digital and sustainability shift, recognizing construction materials at their right impact level. The ORIS digital solution offers effortless access to calculating aggregate carbon footprints, marking a significant step toward empowering all stakeholders to create low-impact infrastructure,” explained Nicolas Miravalls, CEO of ORIS.

The methodology employed in calculating the CO2 footprint involves a systematic evaluation and processing of data, integrating specific operational information. This adheres to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, following DIN EN 15804+A2 and ISO 21930 norms. The comprehensive analysis examines a product's global warming potential across its lifecycle stages, encompassing extraction, transportation, processing of raw materials, and end-of-life considerations.

Compared to the usual market approach of using EPDs, with the ORIS CO2 calculator you get your results much faster - one week instead of half a year - and you can save up to 75% of the costs. Users received a certificate with the GWP of their product in a scientifically proven way. 

This comprehensive evaluation was conducted for 10 of Holcim Germany's plants and calculated for the products manufactured therein. The rest of the sites will be evaluated shortly to ensure that the company’s entire portfolio is assessed under a systematic and scientific approach. The achieved results will serve as a starting point for determining and implementing optimizations to further reduce emissions in the future.