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ORIS rewarded at the National Highways Industry Awards ceremony

On February 10, 2022, the National Highways Industry Awards honoured ORIS with the award for “Excellence in sustainability, environment, and carbon reduction; through the implementation of a technological change”. The award shows recognition that confirms the relevance and power of our digital platform to meet the various challenges facing road construction now and in the future; be that one of natural resources consumption for construction materials, reduction of carbon footprint (all phases of construction), sustainability and resilience, and cost reduction that are of increasing concern to companies and governments.

The National Highways, government-owned company charged with operating, maintaining and improving motorways and major A roads in England, is constantly evolving to provide innovative solutions to emerging challenges, such as climate change and increase their added value to society, whilst continuing to deliver the basics safely and on target.

In this field, the use of the ORIS platform, powered by AI features, brings more rationality in the decision process and strengthens decisions and makes it easier for institutions and companies to achieve their objectives. This leads to a measurable benefit for public infrastructure. Bringing materials engineering upfront in road construction and maintenance is a unique capability for the market and will become a necessary behavior in the future. It will make a major difference in improving the carbon performance of our road infrastructure.

ORIS targets the entire road investment ecosystem from mature countries to developing economies, for new-build and maintenance. It is deploying in Europe under a SaaS approach with access to multiple functionalities, as well as a consulting offer with already several projects in 13 countries, as various as France, Azerbaijan, Germany, UK, Uganda, Algeria, Canada or Mexico. In the UK, ORIS is developing across multiple schemes to support National Highways ambition to build better while increasing durability, mitigating carbon footprint, fostering local materials and reducing costs. 

Through its consulting approach as well as its digital and intelligent platform, ORIS offers easy and early due diligence towards more safe, cost-efficient and sustainable roads, saving time, resources and carbon emissions on those large investments.