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Breaking News: ORIS Plugin for Autodesk Civil 3D now available!

04/05/2024 - It’s arrived… a groundbreaking development for the engineering and construction industry, the much-anticipated ORIS plugin for Autodesk Civil 3D has been officially launched on the Autodesk App Store.

This innovative plugin promises to revolutionise the way infrastructure designers approach sustainability by seamlessly integrating advanced carbon assessment capabilities into Autodesk's widely adopted Civil 3D design software.

This collaborative ORIS Materials Intelligence and Sweco solution tackles critical challenges like:

  • lack of supply chain visibility, 
  • manual data inefficiencies when calculating carbon footprints of designs 
  • delayed sustainability prioritisation in infrastructure design. 


The results are transformative - an 80% reduction in analysis time, up to 50% lower embodied emissions for highways, and a newfound ability to optimise for environmental impacts from the early design stages. 

The ORIS plugin is a ground-breaking solution that effectively bridges the gap between infrastructure design and sustainability. It empowers Civil 3D users to become carbon calculation “experts” within their familiar design environment. At its core, the ORIS platform leverages a robust, Intertek-certified carbon calculator and multi-criteria simulation tools to streamline processes, save time, and provide comprehensive early-life impact assessments.

One of the plugin's key features is its ability to connect early-stage project drawings in Civil 3D to locally available material production sites, such as quarries, asphalt plants, and concrete plants. This innovative feature enables designers to conduct rapid whole-life cycle carbon assessments across all project stages and visualise geographic supply chain mapping, empowering them to make informed decisions on sustainable material sourcing options.

Moreover, the carbon calculator accurately identifies and analyses the embodied carbon emissions associated with road pavement designs, fostering a better understanding of environmental impacts and enabling the development of effective strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of construction materials.

By providing designers with valuable information on sustainable material sourcing options and promoting local, circular economy-based road pavement design solutions and materials, including recycling, the ORIS plugin is poised to play a pivotal role in driving sustainability initiatives within the engineering and construction sectors.

“The launch of the ORIS Autodesk Civil 3D plugin represents a significant milestone in the quest for more sustainable infrastructure development practices, marking a new era where environmental considerations are seamlessly integrated into the design process. With this innovative tool now available on the Autodesk App Store, designers have access to powerful capabilities that will help shape a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come!”  Robin Hudson-Griffiths, ORIS Product Owner


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