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Our 2023 Impact Report: A Year of Sustainability and Innovation

We are excited to share the publication of our 2023 Impact Report, showcasing our efforts and accomplishments in promoting sustainability within the infrastructure construction industry.

Here are some of the key highlights from the report:


Our Positive Impact in Sustainable Linear transportation Infrastructure

As announced earlier this year, our projects have yielded promising results, demonstrating the tangible benefits of using our platform with:

  • Nearly 1 million tons of carbon emissions avoided

  • Over 17 million tons of primary resources through more circular options

  • $160 million in budget savings 

  • Over 8,000 kms of road and rail networks assessed for climate resilience

CO2 footprint Impact Ratio

Our efforts have yielded an impressive impact ratio, where every ton of CO₂ emitted by our activities is offset by 6,741 tons of emissions avoided. This highlights the significant positive impact of our initiatives.

Major Sustainability Milestones

This year has been marked by several significant milestones in our sustainability journey:

  • January: Our Carbon Models received insurance from Intertek, showcasing the quality and excellence of our approach

  • March: We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Autodesk to enhance sustainability through a Civil 3D plug-in

  • March: We joined the United Nations Global Compact, reinforcing our commitment to global sustainability standards

  • July: We launched our partnership with UNIDO to develop inclusive road networks

  • September: We launched the CO₂ Calculator for aggregates, democratising lifecycle carbon calculations across the value chain

  • September: We received the WBDE award for the most impactful act for sustainability

  • November: Passed the SOC 2 Type 1 audit, demonstrating the robustness of our data security measures


The 2023 Impact Report is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and the transformative role of materials intelligence in achieving a greener future. We invite you to delve into the full report to learn more about our journey, innovations, and future goals.


Explore the complete ORIS Materials Intelligence 2023 Impact Report here.