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Sneak Peek: Insights from our Upcoming 2023 Impact Report, Highlighting Sustainable Infrastructure Progress

In a preview of our forthcoming 2023 Impact Report, we share today a glimpse into the positive impact that can be expected from the use of advanced digitalization in the world of linear infrastructure transportation construction. 

Using advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data science, our company has supported over the year 2023 renowned clients from around the world (incl. the Asian Development Bank, AECOM, Autobahn, Lansiräta, EGIS, etc.)  to benefit from advanced insights on the role construction materials have on the environmental and social impact that linear transportation infrastructure (roads, railways) design have over their lifetime. 

ORIS uses local data on construction material availability, combined with advanced algorithms, to identify opportunities for optimization that deliver tangible benefits for their clients, with low-carbon, resilient and efficient networks.

Initial findings from the 2023 Impact Report offer promising insights. Through the projects developed for our clients, we have combined the potential positive impact that using our platform has allowed:


  • Avoidance of nearly 1 million tons of carbon emissions 

  • Over 17 million tons of primary resources spared, using more circular options

  • Financial control of budgets with $160 million savings identified

  • The evaluation of more than 8,000 kilometres of road and rail networks for climate resilience


These findings underscore that sustainability in linear transportation infrastructure design is within reach and that reducing environmental impact doesn't mean increased costs.

ORIS Materials Intelligence will publish its 2023 Impact Report in the coming weeks. Stay informed of its release by subscribing to our newsletter