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Sustainable Innovation in Focus: ORIS Workshop at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam

Last November, the ORIS team was able to hold an inspiring workshop in the dual study program for future civil engineers at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences under the direction of Professor Ronny Sorge. An eventful day full of practical experience and interdisciplinary collaboration, which gave us deep insights into the world of the sustainable construction industry.


Practical application of the ORIS platform

The workshop focused on testing the ORIS platform in real-world scenarios. Students had the unique opportunity to use digital tools for transportation costs, CO2 analysis and isochron analysis. The practical application enabled a direct point of contact with digital solutions in the construction industry and illustrated how they can contribute to promoting sustainability aspects.

Innovative CO2 calculation tools in focus

The introduction of a brand new CO2 calculation tool for infrastructure projects was particularly exciting. The students tested the tool and provided valuable feedback, which is crucial not only for the development of the tool itself, but also for future innovative projects.

Interdisciplinary collaboration for holistic solutions

The workshop promoted collaboration between different disciplines by cleverly linking logistical, ecological and infrastructural aspects. The students recognized the importance of holistic approaches and how they can be effectively implemented in practice.



Key takeaways and outlook

From the students' perspective, the workshop was a highly enriching and insightful experience. This real-world testing demonstrated the potential of digital solutions in promoting sustainability within the construction sector. The workshop highlighted the energy and potential of the next generation of professionals, underscoring their role in driving positive change in the construction industry.

A big thank you to the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Professor Ronny Sorge and all the students who actively participated. The energy and potential of the next generation of professionals is impressive.

Together we shape the sustainable future!