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ORIS is the first construction materials platform for a smart use of resources and low impact infrastructure, based on materials data knowledge and sharing.

With ORIS, connect construction materials expertise to our digital era. Enable responsible and smarter materials consumption. Measure sustainability performance and ensure low impact infrastructure designs. Optimize materials circularity, research, transport and use with instant connection between local materials and projects.

The BIM of infrastructure and construction materials starts here.

Reduce impact to build more sustainably

ORIS supports all participants within the infrastructure ecosystem in making intelligent use of resources and informed decisions, ultimately leading to the development of low-impact infrastructure. By utilizing advanced technologies, ORIS aims to minimize the overall impact of infrastructure on various aspects:


- 50 %

Carbon Footprint


- 80 %

Natural Resources


- 30 %



- 70 %

Maintenance needs

...while improving resilience to climate change and road safety. 

Our Features

Carbon Calculator

Calculate carbon footprint of construction materials and infrastructure with life cycle analysis (LCA)

Pavement Optimization

Compare carbon footprint, cost and material consumption to optimize pavement design

Climate Resilience 

Identify and analyse possible climate risks, and anticipate risks over 40 years in advance

Natural Resources Consumption

Identify local and circular sourcing options


Evaluate infrastructure whole life costs, including maintenance

Road Safety Due Diligence

Perform road safety assessment through iRAP methodology

Project Set Up

Prepare complex infrasructure projects using digital twins

Multi-criteria simulation

Running multi-criteria of infrastructure simulations in real sourcing environment

Impact assessment

Cross analysis of infrastructure projects carbon, budget, natural resources, resilience, road safety, etc.