ORIS in Practice: With our isochrone feature, visualize freight zones for smart materials planning delivery and live dispatch

Delivery of construction materials on project sites is time sensitive. The fastest delivery allows for the best quality of materials. The shortest delivery time ensures an overall lower cost and carbon footprint. Increased fuel prices make optimized logistics even more important than ever.

To save costs and CO2 in construction material logistics – plenty of information and planning is required. ORIS uses AI and its algorithms to offer a unique solution to its platform users. 

With ORIS “Isochrone” gain an instant overview of possible material delivery ranges – including with real time traffic information. 

Access the results in 1 click, by simply entering a location of your choice, the trucks you would like to use, and the time ranges you are interested in. Use standard traffic for planning a project and live data to dispatch your trucks on a daily basis.

With ORIS “Isochrone”, save time in your logistics planning and organization - for a smart use of materials

Learn more in this video