21. October 2021
Highways Awards recognize Carbon Neutral Scheme in the UK made possible by ORIS

With the support of ORIS, Aggregate Industries UK delivered a very low carbon design for the A590 J36 to Brettargh Holt using AI and based on local material source availability - enabling a Carbon Neutral Scheme. The project was.

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28. September 2021
ORIS to fast-track its development by becoming a dedicated commercial entity

ORIS, the first digital material platform for sustainable road construction, reaches a new milestone in its development by becoming a standalone commercial entity. ORIS will have a strictly dedicated team and its activities will.

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10. September 2021
Innovating Infrastructure - Podcast with CEO Nicolas Miravalls

Innovating Infrastructure is the Global Infrastructure Hub’s podcast that showcases new and emerging technology-based solutions to infrastructure challenges. This ten-part series is for anyone interested in innovation,.

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26. June 2021
ORIS Introduction Series #5

Today, Elodie Woillez shares how ORIS is among the tools  we need to change the way we build road networks, for a more sustainable future.  

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19. June 2021
ORIS Introduction Series #4

Today,  Oliver Queck  explains how ORIS offers a practical solution in Germany to structural changes in the market, while enhancing the sustainability of road networks.     {% module_block module "widget_1681588489054".

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12. June 2021
ORIS Introduction Series #3

Today,  Nicolas MIRAVALLS  shares the social benefits of constructing durable, resilient and sustainable roads.  

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5. June 2021
ORIS Introduction Series #2

Today, Koji Negishi explains how ORIS contributes to reducing carbon emissions from roads.  

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28. May 2021
ORIS Introduction Series #1

ORIS has recently been endorsed by the Solar Impulse Foundation as a clean technology that is good for the planet in a financially positive way and is in the Top 20 finalists of the GI Hub InfraChallenge for better and more.

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